Privacy Policy

OFFTO respects your privacy and appreciates your concern about how your personal information is handled and shared. We value your trust in us and always protect the privacy of your data while using full encryption to protect the data sent.


Therefore, we explain in these terms of this Privacy Policy, the information we collect and what we use, and the disclosure sought by some of your data, so you must be aware that under this agreement you agree to retain your registration information and do not mind using this data for the purpose of improving the service and conducting transactions that may require the disclosure of your information to third parties that may process this information on our behalf, among other cases.


Buyer Information:

Available communications are collected that will facilitate communication, create and confirm a subscription membership, including but not limited to phone numbers and email addresses. We also collect demographic information such as gender, age, and country to find out the highly accurate statistics of our users, customize the right packages, and provide services based on their interests and preferences.


We also look at the special processes you make within the application such as the number of communications, the number of communications you have made, the number of ratings for tourist destinations, as well as OFFTO that you have visited, admired, or evaluated in order to improve the user experience so that we can devote more and more to the user experience on the platform.


Vendor information:

Available communications are collected to facilitate communication, creation, and confirmation of subscription membership, including but not limited to phone numbers and email addresses. To customize appropriate offers and to ensure that transactions are completed, and services are provided with ease.


First: How to use data:


  1. Conduct market research, including statistical analysis to understand user behavior, including offering it to third parties to implement certain services on our behalf.
  2. Enable us to meet commitments and commitments.
  3. Meet your needs according to your interests and tell you all the products, services, events, and special offers you may be interested in. And access the best communication strategy for you, including (emails).


So it’s important for you to sign out once you’ve finished using the app/site, and close the browser window if you’re doing your transactions using a public or shared computer. To ensure that all your personal information is secure because you are responsible for all transactions made through your account unless you report violations, theft, inability to access your account, or the like to take action.


Second: Disclosure of information

We undertake not to disclose any data to any third parties, except for the purpose of facilitating transactions and in cases where we believe that disclosure should be made to the extent permitted by law.


Here are the cases where we may disclose your data:


  1. Enable third parties that process data to send you periodic letters about specifications, products, services, events, and special offers.
  2. Disclose the necessary information to third parties responsible for completing your transactions when making buy and sell transactions.
  3. Enable third parties that prove their seriousness in acquiring or purchasing the application to enable them to complete the business.
  4. New owners of the application if sold, where the information will naturally be owned by them.
  5. Disclose the information necessary to resolve any dispute between the parties, or resolve any problems or errors that may occur, as well as to facilitate the task of collecting fees and financial transactions.
  6. Keep you informed of the details and updates of our services and corporate services associated with us, and access the best marketing mechanism for you depending on your communications.
  7. Disclose your information in cases where we are required or required by law to disclose it, to enforce applicable laws, treaties, and applicable provisions.
  8. Disclose the information necessary to ensure our safety, protect our interests, and preserve our property and intellectual rights and all our rights.


Without the above, we undertake not to disclose any information about you, as an assurance to protect your privacy, except in cases where we believe in good faith the need to disclose information, including but not limited to reporting suspicious activity, preventing a problem or loss, preventing and stopping any moral or material harm, knowing that any information required legally and legally, is carried out only formally and legally in accordance with the law, judicial judgments or any warrants in our jurisdiction or the rights of the third parties associated with us and its subsidiaries.


It should be noted that the privacy and policy of some of the software we use may collect some of your data, such as Google/Google software, etc. without having to change it or control it.


Third: Cancellation and acceptance

The acceptance or cancellation of the passenger request for any offer or service provided by third parties to the service provider’s policies is determined without any connection to us, except for offers or privileges provided by the app to travelers, and in the event that any member suspends or cancels or cancels or membership of the application, the application does not entail any liability with the obligations of the registrants.


Fourth: Disclaimer and reduction of liability

OFFTO assumes no responsibility for any content that appears or is accessed through the App or website, and we do not provide any explicit or implied warranties, including but not limited to packages created by vendors, including content generated by users, companies, and individuals, and it should be noted that the content does not necessarily reflect OFFTO’s opinions or policies.


Tourist packages may contain data and applications for third-party contacts for links to other websites, “partner service provider sites.” It should be noted, however, that the app is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or opinions expressed on such sites, and there is no guarantee that the full accuracy or completeness of this content will be verified by us.


It should also be noted that accepting the addition of packages through vendors does not mean our consent or support to access them, as users can always do so at their own risk, without entailing any responsibility for the application, not for the advertising, services, or pledges made by advertisers.


WHILE OFFTO MANAGEMENT IS DOING ITS UTMOST TO IMPROVE AND SUSTAIN THE SERVICES WITHOUT INCURRING ANY HARM IN THE EVENT OF THE USER’S INABILITY TO ACCESS THE APPLICATION OR WEBSITES, WHERE THE OFFTO PLATFORM ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ERROR, OMISSION, INTERRUPTION, DELETION, DEFECT, DELAY IN OPERATION, TRANSMISSION, OR ANY TECHNICAL FAILURE OR FAILURE OF THE COMMUNICATION LINE OF INTERNET LINES, AND COMPUTER SYSTEMS ON THE INTERNET servers or providers, computer equipment, software, theft, destruction, unauthorized access or failure of any e-mail to take advantage of the application services, with a partial and total disclaimer of the application for any loss or damage to the user, under any circumstances as a result of the use of the application or any of its services either in connection or offline mode.


Fifth: Intellectual Property

The INTELLECTUAL property of the OFFTO application belongs to Ofto Travel & Tourism, and in the event of a dispute between the parties, Kuwait’s courts are competent to separate the parties in dispute.


Sixth: Amendment and modernization

Please note that we are constantly updating, developing, and making changes to the terms of the Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions of use as required without requiring you to send notice or notification of any changes, so you must periodically review the application and affiliate sites. Your acceptance of the use of our application and affiliate sites is a full acceptance of applicable and applicable policies and clauses.

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